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We’re in heavy rotation on Music Choice right now (with Please Drive) so we’re seeing lots of new fans. I just want to let you know I’m so grateful to folks that take an extra step to learn about a “new” artist, sign up to get news, and tell friends or come out to a show. As we prepare to release a Solo Live record and write new material for the next studio album, it’s fun to watch Delicious continue to find new ears and bring new folks to the audience.

We’re just back from the IBCs in Memphis where I had an appearance at the Blind Raccoon showcase as a duo with Erik Boyd and we had the honor of special guests Eddie Turner and Billy Gibson! Over the weekend we met with and watched fantastic Blues artists, musicians, promoters, label execs and more from all over the world. Many exciting collaborations will come out of this year’s trip to the IBCs so stay posted.

The Kirsten Thien Band will be in residency at the BazBar Feb 18 – March 4, 2013 and we’ve worked up some new original material as well as some fun new cover tunes. Jimmy Buffett and others often pop in to jam some tunes out with the bands at BazBar and I’m just really excited to stretch out in one single location playing for 3 hours every night! Without driving hundreds of miles a day as we do on tour. This will be an entirely new experience. Find out below how this gig was almost ten years in the making! I will send pictures and promise to update you via twitter and facebook.

Before you start thinking “Oh tough life, going down to St. Barths to play music for two weeks!” I figured I’d let you in on a little secret. I have been actively working to book this gig for almost 10 years!!! I had the good fortune to get down to St. Barts in 2004 right after I quit my full-time day gig (as a geeky IT Manager for Columbia University, and yes I wore librarian glasses). I sold everything and bought a vehicle to prepare for a life as a touring and recording songwriter and artist. At the time I had one record out and a handful of you on my mailing list (wow, we go back that far together?!?!). But before delving into this new chapter, I took a teeny excursion to the Caribbean to set these two periods of my life apart. (I have since learned that life doesn’t work that way, but that was my thinking at the time.)

We popped in to BazBar one evening and I sat in with the band. I sang Van Morrison’s “Moondance”. Sort of. No matter that I barely knew any lyrics past the first line and didn’t know the key that would be good for me, so I was singing weirdly high by the “night’s magic” part. It was awful (after a stunning first line I’m sure ;). Anyway, I kept a low profile for the rest of the week and I hoped the owner wouldn’t recognize me when I sent a booking package and a copy of my first record to him upon my return to NYC. From then on, I’d contact him once a year, sending the newer records each time I had one. Finally, in May of 2012, I got the call.

It is almost 10 years later and this little dream I had is coming true. I’ve practiced for thousands of hours since then and performed hundreds and hundreds of shows. With some great mentoring, watching the artists I love and admire so much, and putting in those hours in my office, the studio and on the road, I feel like a different person than I was in 2004. I’ve strengthened my voice, upped my songwriting, learned to play guitar, and learned how to really lead a band. But I still don’t know the lyrics to Moondance or what key I sing it in. So feel free to request anything except that!

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