A message from Kirsten:

Hi, Guys!

I write to you with my feet firmly planted. I must say, it is a very peculiar feeling. The new record release is fully underway and doing GREAT (thanks to you!), and my calendar shows two solid months of “Solo Live!” and “Full Band” World Tour dates ahead.

I’ll be anywhere from Texas to Norway via London this summer.I’m so very excited to bring my live show to some brand new places along the Blues Highway in Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma and more. I’ll also be collaborating with amazing artists, including Eddie Turner (Colorado) and Magnus Berg (Norway). We meet, we play, we make plans for the next time!

Check out the details at: www.kirstenthien.com/tour. I am so looking forward to connecting with new fans all across the world.

Please feel free to keep track of our progress on Facebook, Twitter, and the like. Sign the e-mail list so you don’t miss a thing and you’ll also get the real story from behind the scenes each month or so.

Rockin’ peace to ya,