Kirsten Thien Band

Swing Wespelaar – Photo by Jose Gallois

Summer 2013 had so many highlights we can’t mention them all. Thanks to the fans, clubs, photogs, journalists and DJs we captured memories on video, articles and recordings in several languages from several countries! Enjoy these recently posted reviews from USA, Germany, Holland and Norway.(in English) Today on NY1 (Time Warner Cable) – Featured on “Sound Advice with Eric Holland” (and “On Demand” starting tomorrow)

(in German) Solo Live! Concert review


Großstädtisches Flair in Bookholzberg | NWZonline


Kirsten Thien Band

Swing Wespelaar with Erik Boyd (Bass) – photo by Jose Gallois

(Dutch) Several Reviews of the Swing Wespelaar 2013 Show

Video from “Solo Live!” at Fiesta City Festival, Verviers, Belgium

(Norwegian) Concert Review with Magnus Berg