Thanks to Dave Fields & Friends, we returned to the Triad NYC to a packed house, playing songs from the upcoming *NEW* album. We featured Montañas, my first song translated to and sung in Spanish. This song (translated by Raul Midón) has been connecting with people all over the country since we took it live in the Midwest in 2018. Our NYC audience loved our first (of many?) Latin Blues.Kirsten Thien with Dave Fields and Friends.

I brought two guitars, so I could play guitar solos on acoustic (D-Slide tuning) and electric (standard tuning). My personal solo-guitar journey has been at once: challenging, lengthy, nerve-wracking AND exhilarating! I started out after being SO inspired by Freddie King, and trying to cop licks from his version of “I’d Rather Be Blind” over and over at home. Then I couldn’t help thinking about how to craft my own guitar voice within songs I had written — and take lessons from all the amazing guitarists I’ve had the pleasure of learning from over the years. After a few years of working in-house, we took it to the studio (where you do get a do-over!). Now I’ve been playing solos at all our shows. One thing I have learned — anything can happen! From getting your lips shocked upon ‘completing a circuit’, to having pedals stop for the opposite reason, it’s always an adventure out there on stage. I guess I have learned by now: Keep calm, and rock on!

Kirsten Thien with Dave Fields and Friends. Triad New York City – Nov 2019.