In traditional Screen Door Records fashion, we are going over the top on our next release! We have taken our time with this one, inviting some very special guests to take part (Raul Midon, Tank and Jelly, and Doug McLeod to name a few)! Shoulda Been Lacquer Spin – Kirsten Thien – 480

About midway through the project I got a major boost of energy from one thought: Let’s go vinyl. We’ll showcase the contrast in the music we write and record. From that moment “Two Sides” went from being a collection of my latest and favorite original songs/tracks, to being an album that embodies a moment in my life as a musician.

I have so many memories of sitting next to the record player, headphones over my ears and set to “LOUD”. I loved listening to albums when I was a kid, and long before we even dreamed of the digital era. Even in the face of the ‘singles’-oriented world I love the irony that “Singles”, first-released on vinyl, always had two sides. There’s so much history locked in vinyl and waiting for anyone ready to cherish music in analog-time.

Here’s a sneak peek at the first track (first pass lacquer master). It’s spinning on our record player at home. Stay tuned here for our Spring 2020 release!