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C2 Shining C Tour 2012 – Blogged!

Follow the trail and the inner workings of The Kirsten Thien Band as they travel across the U.S.A. on their “C2 Shining C Tour”, playing music all the way! Blues411.com will publish Kirsten’s reflections from the road each day. Read the blog now!

  Kirsten_Thien_and_Erik_Boyd_at_Buddy_Guys_Legends             kirsten_thien_and_david_patterson_rock_sunbanks_by_linda_mull

Washington DC to Washington State…and Buddy Guy’s Legends in Chicago

A message from the Kirsten Thien News and Bluesletter

May 2012 promises to be an exciting month for The Kirsten Thien Band. I hope that if you’re somewhere between Washington, DC and Washington State that I’ll see you (or your representative :) at a show. There are so very many firsts this month, and many of them feel pretty weighty to me as I pack to leave tomorrow for the entire month. Here are a few:

  • The worldwide premier of Treat ‘im Like a Man in collaboration with rapper and current Georgetown student Tate Tucker. We’ll perform our collaborative version of the song, sandwiched between the man that wrote Afternoon Delight and Country Roads (Bill Danoff) and the rocker that worked with Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham on Magnet and Steel and Hot Summer Nights (Walter Egan). The entire show is stocked with talent! If you are within 4 hours of DC, don’t miss this show! This Friday and Saturday – May 4th and 5th in Washington, DC on the campus of Georgetown University. Get tix.
  • The first Kirsten Thien Band Cross Country USA Tour! We start on May 9th in Wisconsin and we’ll play shows all the way out to the West Coast. Do you know someone in Seattle or Portland? Will you tell them to come see us on May 16th or 17th!?
  • The first time hanging with the legendary Commander Cody. We’re playing on Sunday, May 20th at the Sunbanks Rhythm and Blues Festival in Electric City, Washington. Ay ay, Sir!
  • Our first show in Chicago…ever. Oh…and no pressure, it’s at Buddy Guy’s Legends club. The same “Acoustic Lunch” set that Buddy stopped in at last week to sit in with the artist. Yes, I checked his sched, and he appears to be in town that day.
  •  My first time ever on the the cover of a magazine. Ok…that’s in June technically, but they’ve unveiled the cover and it’s all over the internet. If you want a preview you can see it here at Blues Matters Magazine.
The full schedule is below and always at: www.kirstenthien.com/tour. If you have friends or family near any of our upcoming shows please spread the word. It takes only a minute and it means the world to us! Here, I’ll make it easy. Go here Like us on Facebook  or send our webpage straight to one friend right now!

Rockin’ peace to ya,

Walkin’ in Memphis


Performing @ B.B. King's Blues Club as a featured guest of The Tas Cru Band.

Kirsten Thien will join Blues fans from all over the world for the IBC’s in Memphis this week. Kirsten will judge in the competition and also make appearances on Beale Street as a featured guest with Tas Cru’s band. Please join us on Facebook to get updates and access to photos and other inside news from Memphis.

The Kirsten Thien Band have been quietly preparing for a cross-country (USA) tour in May. Watch for details about shows in WI, IN, ND, MN, WA, OR, KS and more!

February 2nd, 2012|

Back from Europe and Ready for 2012

The Kirsten Thien Band are back in New York City after a stunning two-week tour in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. From the Hot Jazz Club Munster to the Blues Cafe Apeldoorn to the airwaves of Katwijk, The Netherlands, KT and the band were met with unbeatable generosity and enthusiasm. The 2012 schedule is in progress with dates from March and beyond to be announced soon. 2012 will include West Coast dates, East Coast dates, a cross country tour and more clubs and Festivals in Europe. Stay tuned. And to hold you over, check out the videos from Europe  and other live shows!

January 2nd, 2012|

Kirsten Thien Band burns it up at the Duck Jazz Festival

Duck Jazz Fest ~ Kirsten Thien

Duck Jazz Fest with Kirsten Thien


This year’s Duck Jazz Festival had the greatest turnout ever with over 6,000 in attendance.

The Kirsten Thien Band played a power-set to open the 5th Annual Duck Jazz Festival. This year’s lineup included Adrian Crutchfield, The Soul Rebels Brass Band, and Tizer.

Photo by Linda Porter

Watch for pictures and video to follow soon!

Additional photos by Linda Porter coming soon.

Duck Jazz Festival Stage View

Fans Line Up for Autographs

Connecting Past and Present

Better than an artist bio this beautiful feature article just came out in Kirsten’s hometown newspaper the York County Coast Star.  Writer Shelley Wigglesworth recalls of the young Thien, “Kirsten’s naturally curly red hair was the first thing to set her apart from others; though her musical talent soon overshadowed her fiery locks.”

Recently, Wigglesworth was re-acquainted with the grown up Thien “when I saw a preview featuring her on the Maine television show ‘207’. I jumped from my seat in the living room and proudly announced to my family, ‘I know her! I grew up with her!’  I watched like a proud parent as she took the stage and her powerful, smoky, slightly raspy voice belted out a repertoire of bluesy original songs. There’s no doubt about it — the girl can rock.”

Delicious was also recently reviewed as an Editor’s Pick in Guitar Player Magazine (Aug 2011).