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Two Sides Coming – Spring 2020

In traditional Screen Door Records fashion, we are going over the top on our next release! We have taken our time with this one, inviting some very special guests to take part (Raul Midon, Tank and Jelly, and Doug McLeod to name a few)! Shoulda Been Lacquer Spin – Kirsten Thien – 480

About midway through the project I got a major boost of energy from one thought: Let’s go vinyl. We’ll showcase the contrast in the music we write and record. From that moment “Two Sides” went from being a collection of my latest and favorite original songs/tracks, to being an album that embodies a moment in my life as a musician.

I have so many memories of sitting next to the record player, headphones over my ears and set to “LOUD”. I loved listening to albums when I was a kid, and long before we even dreamed of the digital era. Even in the face of the ‘singles’-oriented world I love the irony that “Singles”, first-released on vinyl, always had two sides. There’s so much history locked in vinyl and waiting for anyone ready to cherish music in analog-time.

Here’s a sneak peek at the first track (first pass lacquer master). It’s spinning on our record player at home. Stay tuned here for our Spring 2020 release!

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Return to the Triad

Thanks to Dave Fields & Friends, we returned to the Triad NYC to a packed house, playing songs from the upcoming *NEW* album. We featured Montañas, my first song translated to and sung in Spanish. This song (translated by Raul Midón) has been connecting with people all over the country since we took it live in the Midwest in 2018. Our NYC audience loved our first (of many?) Latin Blues.Kirsten Thien with Dave Fields and Friends.

I brought two guitars, so I could play guitar solos on acoustic (D-Slide tuning) and electric (standard tuning). My personal solo-guitar journey has been at once: challenging, lengthy, nerve-wracking AND exhilarating! I started out after being SO inspired by Freddie King, and trying to cop licks from his version of “I’d Rather Be Blind” over and over at home. Then I couldn’t help thinking about how to craft my own guitar voice within songs I had written — and take lessons from all the amazing guitarists I’ve had the pleasure of learning from over the years. After a few years of working in-house, we took it to the studio (where you do get a do-over!). Now I’ve been playing solos at all our shows. One thing I have learned — anything can happen! From getting your lips shocked upon ‘completing a circuit’, to having pedals stop for the opposite reason, it’s always an adventure out there on stage. I guess I have learned by now: Keep calm, and rock on!

Kirsten Thien with Dave Fields and Friends. Triad New York City – Nov 2019.


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KT Duo @ Ladybug Festival

Hello, My Mid-Atlantic Friends!
I’ve been SO remiss in reaching out! There is an update coming soon to all my friends and fans world-wide. But I wanted to let you know that we will be playing at the Lady Bug Festival tomorrow night, Friday 8pm – 9 pm at Tonic in Wilmington, Delaware! Come on down to see we are alive and well and making our best music ever!

If you are in earshot of Wilmington, you probably know of how amazing this Festival is. For those a little further out, click the link below — and make a weekend of it.
Lady Bug Festival!
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Summer 2017 Starts in Maine!


You have been so good to me!

I am giddy about bringing my band/trio to Scarborough, Ellsworth and Lisbon on July 20, July 21 and July 23.

I sang my first song in front of people in the state of Maine. My dad had a broken leg or foot and played “Love Is a Rose” for me and it was the 2nd grade in Kennebunk. According to folklore, there was a 2nd (more morose) song in store, but after crowd applause, I turned to Pops and gave the sign — That’s a wrap! It’s all in the tie!


MAINE Show details on the TOUR Page!

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In the Studio at Grand Street Recording

View from the recording booth at Grand Street Recording

View from the recording booth at Grand Street Recording

Kirsten Thien is currently in production on her fourth studio album. Picking from road-tested songs played at shows for audiences around the world, Thien and Producer Erik Boyd have assembled a world-class set of musicians, many of whom have appeared on past recordings (Arthur Neilson, Steve Holley, Tommy Mandel to name just a few).

As CEO of her budding Screen Door Records label, Thien took a moment during studio time to create a collaborative approach to a new song that will be co-written by the musicians in the studio and a super-secret invited co-writing guest (to be announced).

The new record is due out in Early 2016. Watch for updates soon!

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Headed to Memphis Town!

Live at BB Kings Memphis – 2013

Kirsten Thien will be hanging at the IBCs (International Blues Challenge) in Memphis, TN from January 22 – 26. She will make a special appearance at the Blind Raccoon Showcase at Purple Haze as a guest of the Magus Berg Band. Kirsten recently signed Magnus to her own Screen Door Records label after taking him on the road with her band in 2013 – 2014. As she participated in and watched his new release Cut Me Loose unfold under direction of producer Erik Boyd, Thien knew this release deserved her time and attention to bring the record, and the young Magnus Berg’s talent, to a wider audience. Kirsten also appears on the record as a guest singer and co-writer.

In an exciting new step, Kirsten combines her business skills with her musicianship, taking it to the next level and applying what she has learned as a touring and recording artist over the years. Magnus Berg’s Cut Me Loose has remained on the Roots Music Report’s Blues Album Charts top 20 since its release in November. Quite a run for a new artist to the Blues scene with much more to come!

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