Live from The Blues au Chateau Festival, La Cheze, France

Live from The Blues Garage, Isernhagen, Germany

[youtube id=”Ibd5k8w2Buo” width=”530″ height=”315″]

The 5-minute Highlights of 2012 – Kirsten Thien Band[youtube id=”wLhK_hYRb44″ width=”560″ height=”315″]

“Solo Live” Appearance at Sprit of 66, Verviers, Belgium[youtube id=”yDU-I5S-mRo” width=”560″ height=”315″] Full Hour Live with the KT Band on “Blues and Friends” on TV in The Netherlands
On tour in Europe 2012, the KT Band stopped by the RTV Studios in Baarn, NL to chat with Bertwin and play 8 songs live. Broadcast in Nov 2012 in Holland, you can see the whole show now![youtube id=”F1kWOwVD1M8″ width=”560″ height=”315″]

Full Hour Live with the KT Band @ LI Blues Warehouse
Before we rolled, our Host, Mark Klein, had only one rule of thumb for us:
“This is live folks. Once the cameras start rolling, we don’t stop ’em. And have fun!”[youtube id=”0Vm67kt_quI” width=”280″ height=”189″]

Live with the Band @ Triad NYC – April 2011[youtube id=”V5y25Llb0vw” width=”320″ height=”195″]

Blog Review of the Triad NYC (April 2011) by WFUV’s Eric Holland
and as seen on
[youtube id=”Jhh8lHVTCQ” width=”320″ height=”195″]

Wild Women with Billy Gibson the Cool Harmonica Guy[youtube id=”JhDJnH3SuM0″ width=”240″ height=”210″]